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     Nails By Kali

        Private Suite       

Fri & Sat 10a-7p

Sun - Thur: CLOSED


I am Kali your Nail Artist. I been in the Nail Industry for 7 years but it seems longer then that LOL!

I run a Location and Mobile Nail Service but due to the COVID-19 I will only be at the location at this time.

I will keep everyone posted on when I will reopen my Mobile Service.

I've learn a lot within the 7 years that I been doing nails. 

I've advance my craft and gain a lot from running a business stand point.

"Treating people right in every aspect will prosper you in the long run."

I've encounter all walks of life.

I enjoy doing nails, it let's me challenge myself with task that is difficult for me.

You can not be great over night.

It takes years to master your craft because the nail world is constantly changing.

I am a perfectionist when it comes to my work. I try my best to give my clients what they want.

~:~ I look forward to having you challenge me ( LOL ) ~:~

Nail Artist